Monday, February 24, 2014

A Couple Corydoras Similis Spawns

I recently combined two breeding groups of Corydoras Similis.  Don Petty's group of 6 and my young group of 4.  They are extremely shy and skedaddle the second I show up in the fish room.  I knew they were spawning but they would just sit and stare at me while I was in the room.  I tried out waiting them...........that didn't work......I finally caught the typical Cory spawning T position on this short video though.  I think you can see some eggs on the sides in a few spots.

I had removed the eggs from the current spawn and a previous spawn to the 10 gallon tank right above the C. similis tank.  Also in the tank, I placed a group of Cherry Shrimp and some Bladder Snails along with some live plants.  I had, the previous day, put a Pleco cave with a large German Blue Ram spawn into the empty 10 gallon tank.

Just now I was enjoying watching the Ram wrigglers flit their tails on the sand when I noticed a tail hanging out of one of the older C. similis eggs.  I started watching the maple leaf the egg was adhered to, when a Cherry Shrimp came walking around the edge of the leaf.  Guess that was all that Cory needed to blast the rest of the way out its egg, land on the sand and go skittering off through the tank!

If all goes well this should shortly be a VERY busy little tank ;)

Happy tank keeping!

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