Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update On Our Fish Room Progress

Its been an interesting few weeks setting up the new fish room.  Due to inclement weather and deep freezes throughout the country, many of our orders were delayed and we even had a "train derailment" hold up our HMF filters from Swiss Tropicals........... interesting ;) So instead of having our filters on Friday we didn't get them until Monday.  The trickle down effect has been cancelling trips to Finatics Tropical Fish to pick up a few groups of Cory breeders, live food and filters for my fry/hatching tubs, plus dropping off youngsters I've raised freeing up tank space.
Train derailment??

6- 10 gallon filters 2- 20 gallon filters and 2- 29 gallon filters

Hooked up the air pump and started running lines

I decided not to run pvc pipe, buying a 500 ft roll of python air hose instead

I ordered in some LED lights that were on sale AND 30% off with free shipping
Meanwhile, Corydoras Caudimaculatus had their first small spawn.  I left most of the eggs in the Cherry Shrimp Colony tank, which is where the parents reside, removing about 10 eggs, 7 of them hatched the other day.

Then three nights ago the fish room heater malfunctioned and fried out the "on" switch.  Room was 74 degrees by morning.  I placed emergency tank heaters in a few of the sensitive tanks, while in others the guppies and corys enjoyed the cool waters.  Purchased another heater at Fred Meyer, not the one I wanted but a temporary replacement, brought it home last night and wa la it doesn't work........  I just quit screwing around and ordered the heater I wanted from Amazon, it will be here today.

Messy Fish Room progress

Two 29G tanks with HMF filtration

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