Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventures Last Week

My nasally mumbly video showing the fish room layout. 

I made my trip to Finatics Tropical Fish in Kennewick, WA and brought home 7 species of Corydoras.  Any of you folks out there with Green Lasers we have two lone males in need of a fat healthy woman!

Also while at Finatics I cleaned them out of Lemon Tetras, Stendker Discus and Blueberry Shrimp.

I also picked up 3 Tylo Snails.  If you've never seen those they grow a sponge on the outside of their shell and are live bearers, in fact there is already a new Tylo snail in there this morning.  The freshwater shrimp love to pick at the sponge, in fact even the baby Otocinclus was hitching a ride.

Right now I'm cleaning up the fish room after all the shipments of supplies in the last few weeks, plus all the fish arriving late Saturday night.

Fish room is open by appointment only, feel free to email me 

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